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K&M Group LLC was established in September 2001 as a result of the transformation of the family company founded by Krystyna and Marek Plaskowski in March 1993. The shareholder of K&M Group is Gerke Holding GmbH — the German owner of the Görlitz paper company (operating since 1945). The group of companies currently operates throughout Europe.

Today K&M Group is one of the main manufacturers and suppliers of vacuum cleaner bags, accessories and other household products. We supply mainly retail chains and cooperate with manufacturers of vacuum cleaners as well as fulfil orders under the customer's own brand.
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Other products

Scents for vacuum cleaners

Despite frequent changing of the bags, a pleasant smell does not always come out of the vacuum cleaner. We have a solution for it – scents. They neutralize unpleasant odours coming from the inside. They are easy to use – just put them in a bag. The package contains 5 different scents.

Filters for hoods

Filters in kitchen hoods fill a very important role. They suck in fumes and stop pollution. Therefore, our offer includes fabric, anti-grease and carbon filters in the form of a rectangular sheet with the possibility of cutting to the required shape, as well as round carbon filters with activated carbon granules. Thanks to using our filters, unpleasant odours will be effectively absorbed and become just a memory.


Anti-vibration mats are ideal for household appliances. They effectively suppress vibrations, increase the stability of devices and reduce noise generated during the operation of devices. The mat has many applications. It can be useful not only in a bathroom, but also in a garage, a workshop or a gym. It is available in two sizes.

Iron accessories

The existing range of accessories for irons, such as scented distilled water for irons and a stick for cleaning the foot of the iron, is not everything. We have expanded our offer with covers for ironing boards, as well as the boards themselves. The covers are available in different sizes.

Jugs and filters

We place importance on ecology. We offer filter cartridges for jugs and glass jugs for water filtration. This way, we not only care about the environment, but also about our own well-being. The filters effectively remove harmful impurities from water, improve its colour, taste and smell. They prevent the deposition of scale, remove chlorine ions in water and make it softer. The jugs are available in different colours.

49,6 kW
PV installation power
42 t
Projected CO2 reduction
49,6 MWh
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Projected annual production K&M Group systematically improves the quality of its products and services. It introduces patents for unique technical solutions and receives numerous certificates and industry awards.

Own brands

Offering products under our own brand has a positive influence on the company image and its position on the market. That’s why we make our products under many own brands for importers of vacuum cleaners and retail chains in Poland and throughout Europe.

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