K&M Group Ltd. located at Gruszczyn near Poznan city is a producer of paper and synthetic bags for home and industrial vacuum cleaners.

After job

...don't bother about the bags

K&M Group was created as a family enterprise and it still is like this. Moreover, all the employees are treated as extended family, they are partners. Every year numerous meetings and integrative events are organized. They are designed for the employees, as well as for our customers and guests from friendly companies.
„Get together” at leisure solves many problems. Playing or competing in the bosom of nature allows identification of our strong and weak points. It confirms our conviction that, yes, work is important but realizing our dreams is far more so.



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Welcome to our website. Please take your time to learn about                                                           our offer and the company's history. We hope that it will induce                                                         you to buy our products.