K&M Group Ltd. located at Gruszczyn near Poznan city is a producer of paper and synthetic bags for home and industrial vacuum cleaners.

Micro bags

Esthetic & productive

Micro bags can consist of 4, 5 or 9 layers of filtering fibre. It provides a better flow of the air in comparison to a paper bag (it allows to explore full power of the cleaner). It maintain also a high efficency during a whole work of cleaner (instead of paper bag where the power goes down when the bag is filled with dust).

Through high filtration the exhausted air is really clean and fresh in your room. Extra layer prevent the bag from spliting. Micro bag is flexible and fits the bucket perfectly so you can put more dust in it and replace it not so often. They say you can use only 3 micro bags to dust your apartment instead of 5 (typical content of set) paper bags.


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