K&M Group Ltd. located at Gruszczyn near Poznan city is a producer of paper and synthetic bags for home and industrial vacuum cleaners.

Accessories and other products

Domestic help

The bags for vacuum cleaner are the apple of our eye... but we offer also other accessories you may want in your household.

To begin with the accessories related to vacuum cleaners:

  • filters for vacuum cleaners (universal and Hepa filters)
  • nozzles and turbobrushes for vacuum cleaners (simple and sophisticated)
  • aroma inserts for vacuum cleaners (washing too)


  • filters for cooker hood (textil, carbon and anti-fat)
  • humidity absorbers HumiStop
  • refrigerator odour absorbers
  • descallers for kettle, iron and coffee maker
  • hoses for washing machine and dishwasher


News from K&M Group Ltd.


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